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The therapists at 5400 Holiday Terrace, Suite 200A are six independent clinicians working side by side, sharing an office location and professional resources as well as our common commitment to serving individuals, couples, and families in Southwest Michigan with integrity and respect. We are proud to offer our clients the flexibility of each solo private practice along with the convenience and referral options available within a collaborative environment.


Our areas of expertise, website links to each separate practice, scheduling options, and insurance information are collected here on this site for your convenience. To find out more about any one of us or to reach us individually, please follow the links to our individual sites. If you need assistance finding just the right fit for the services you're seeking, please don't hesitate to contact our office staff at (269) 520-0050 or via email at for assistance in determining your next step.

Meet the professionals in residence at 5400 Holiday Terrace, Suite 200A

Our world is a busy, complicated place full of impersonal demands and unrealistic expectations. Each or us deserves the opportunity to pause and reflect on what we truly want for ourselves and for our families, and the reminder to be intentional about how our energy and gifts are being used in pursuit of our passion and purpose. Counseling offers this opportunity for self-examination, allowing us the chance to assess our own emotional health and interactions with others, expand coping skills, develop personal strengths, and solidify and repair relationships.

I know that choosing to participate in counseling services can be a significant investment of your time and, at times, your financial resources. I understand and appreciate the investment you are making in yourself and your family so I strive to make the process as simple as possible for you. I accept a wide range of insurance plans and also understand that there are times when insurance is not available or might not be your preferred means of payment. I am pleased to offer alternative self-pay rates for services so that you may choose the options that is right for you.  

I am regularly in awe of my clients.  To meet a complete stranger and share intimate details of one’s life requires immense vulnerability, courage, and strength. 

It is my privilege to share in that experience with you and my mission to help you find your own voice, learn to hear it again, and heal from whatever wounds you've suffered along the way. 

I work to create a safe space, free of judgment, so that we can work together to forge a new life path and, perhaps, a new life story.

I live in the same world as you; dealing with family, work, bills... everything that goes on in real life. Solutions to real problems don't come easily. I help people learn about themselves and their families using science-based psychological evaluations. l help them reach their goals through evidence-based therapy interventions. This may include individual counseling, parent consultations, and education to develop strategies to use in your everyday life.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the overwhelming need and demand for psychological evaluations/testing, Dr. Sheppard will be limiting his practice to conducting psychological evaluations. Psychological evaluations consist of clinical interviews, psychological testing, and follow up sessions. While he continues to accept referrals for psychological evaluations, he will not be able to accept new referrals for counseling/psychotherapy at this time.

Like the seasons, change is a normal aspect of our lives and I strive to provide an atmosphere in which the individuals, couples, or families that I work with feel safe, validated, and empowered to make necessary changes in their lives. With combining both the head (logical side) and the heart (emotional side), my approach to counseling begins and ends with hope. Hope that you can find closure from the past. Hope that you can embrace the present moment, even with all the messiness that life throws at us. And lastly, the hope that a better future is possible.  I look forward to assisting you in your counseling journey.

I believe that therapy is a very personal experience and requires a nonjudgmental, genuine, and compassionate relationship between client and therapist. Often, people come into therapy to discuss some of their most vulnerable feelings and experiences. This takes a lot of courage and self-reflection. I strive to create a space that is safe, comfortable, and inviting for individuals, families, and couples to share these challenges with me. My hope is to help guide my clients to recognize positive things in their lives as well as explore different ways of thinking, feeling, and reacting to challenges that occur. I believe exploration can lead to growth and positive change which ultimately can increase positive views of themselves and the world around them.

Adler is a certified therapy dog through Alliance of Therapy Dogs. She is onsite as needed.


Ivy was rescued from a difficult environment. Our clients are showing her that humans can be kind and that connection is special. She will be trained in therapy dog skills next year.

Momo helps our administrative assistant greet clients on Fridays.

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